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February 27, 2009

Store Security

Filed under: Advice — 4:18 am

What does it take to protect a retail environment while at the same time creating a welcoming and interesting shopping experience for your customers?

Since the beginning of the decade, retail has lost an average of around £1.5 billion every year. Most of this is due to customer-related theft.

The British Retail Consortium’s annual retail crime survey shows store owners invest £723 million in security each year in a bid to beat the thieves.

Any security installations, whether physical or electronic must address two key points, namely, security of the premises when closed and loss prevention during store opening times.

An effective system would need to be made up of a combination of intruder alarm systems, CCTV and electronic proximity identity (ID) access controls.

ID card access control can be provided using a control unit linked to readers at key points within the store with cards encoded with an individual number.

The wall-mounted readers identify the code of valid cards when presented in close proximity to the reader and on automatic authentication by the database, either the electronic release mechanism is activated or an electro-magnetic lock thrown open.

Such readers could be placed strategically around the store to control access to sensitive areas such as stock rooms, accounting and areas where personnel records are stored.

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