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February 25, 2009

Vary those special offers to keep the customers coming through the doors.

Filed under: Loyalty Cards — 6:22 pm

You don’t have to be a multi-national with a budget running into millions of pounds to run a successful marketing campaign.

The world of loyalty card schemes, special deals, BOGOFs and student discount schemes can be affordable for smaller businesses.

Small family run businesses can promote deals and run such schemes alongside their usual promotional advertising in the local press etc. Local door to door leaflet delivery services are not expensive and offer excellent opportunities to get your message out there to those people that may not normally visit the shops.

One of the most attractive features for many customers is locally grown foods/ingredients and locally manufactured products, so ensure you include such detail in any marketing material. You could even offer special discounts on such items.

Include reference to the benefits to the environment by significantly reducing carbon footprints for locally produced products. In the food industry, this probably equates to far fresher food items too. If your food is organically grown, include this in your marketing material.

In the current climate, customers are looking for quality bargains offering value for money with an eco-friendly edge.

A consistent, easy to understand loyalty scheme can be an excellent tool to help generate loyalty amongst your customers and when you regularly review your offers and deals, you could well reap some benefit.

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